Friday, February 22, 2013

3 Simple Tips For Hosting A Cocktail Party


Signature Drinks

This is the main reason why your guests are coming to the party, to see you but to also enjoy a great buzz. To keep your guests entertained have a variety of different signature drinks from the standard to the bold to the chill.

A Kir Royale is my personal favorite signature drink to indulge in and champagne is a great addition for celebrating. This cocktail could be the starter of the night as your guests walk in the door with a strawberry or raspberries in the blend


Gin and Tonics are great transitional drinks for your guests both the men and women can enjoy this as they mingle. You can add to the presentation by having a few chilled on ice with your stylish creations. Or allow your guests to add to their drinks with stations set up for adding the spice to their cocktails.


Pineapple and Rum cocktails are a great balance because it gives a balance of the sweet and chill factor. Plus its color adds vibrant appeal to the atmosphere as well.

Appetizers or Desserts

Depending on your budget or the time of your party deciding to have light food or desserts is a important factor to keep in mind. Most guests love to nibble on a variety of foods after a few cocktails and others could enjoy eating chocolates, tarts or cupcakes. If your party starts around the 5-8pm time frame appetizers would be ideal anything after it’s all about the sweets.

Still undecided? You can also allow your guests to bring one signature item to the party this way there’s a mix of things on the menu.

The Atmosphere

Picking if the scene of your party will be indoor or outdoor is another important factor. Having set locations for your guests is very important because it keeps them all in one unique place. Whether its outdoor, your living room or basement keep the party alive with these tips.

1) Music: Should be soft and chill as guests arrive switch it up after the second hour and most of your guests have arrived.

2) Lighting: Keep the lights fully on as they guests come in and escort them to the drinks/food stations, allow them to mingle. Once the night gets deeper dim the lights or have candles lit to make it more intimate.


nena said...

I know you love a good Kir Royale, I see it in your tweets a lot. I have never tried this kind of drink but am very interested in doing so after having my baby. These are some great tips and I will definitely be referring back to this post for inspiration.

Wenni Donna said...

Wow, these simple tips for hosting cocktail party are just so influential. I would like to host DIY cocktail bash for celebrating my 27th birthday at some local San Francisco venues and your ideas would be extremely helpful for me.

Anonymous said...

These tips are simple and helpful for the first time cocktail party or cocktail show hosters. I would love to host a cocktail party at my place and surprise my wife as she step into her birthday week.


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