Friday, January 4, 2013

This Weeks Trending Topics

Kim Kardashian Pregnant

Well it looks like this made big social media headlines for everyone’s New Year’s Eve, are you surprised or shocked by the news. Personally I knew something between these two were going to be in headlines but I thought it would be another engagement or a quickie wedding. At the end of the day a baby is a blessing for all expecting mother’s regardless of what you feel about “Kimye” and the whole Kardashian clan. I wish the couple much happiness and hope she has a girl you know she will be styled like a queen ; )

The Fiscal Cliff


We all thought the world would be coming to a end with the talk of us all falling off this so called “Fiscal Cliff” that seem to capture every news station as the clock ticked down into the new year. With all the back and forth of politics some of us had no clue what it actual meant and how we would be effected by the vote. At the end of the day we all will see a cut in our paychecks.


New Years Resolutions

As soon as 2013 hit at midnight it seemed like everyone had their goals set for 2013, so many tweets and toasts on getting fit, saving money, becoming more generous, quitting smoking, helping others etc.. were the top trends. But how many of these resolutions were on the checklist for 2012 if it was the same  it’s time to change your way of thinking. Try not to set it as a checklist but as day by day guide so you are constantly working on it even if you slip up.

What’s your thoughts on these trending topics and any others that caught your attention during the week, feel free to share.


Unknown said...

I laughed so hard with Kim K. said she's been having really weird pregnant cravings ; like wanting to eat carrots and broccoli with Ranch Dressing !

Unknown said...

I know Kim K. can make her pregnancy a Woman's Prerogative issue, if she wanted. I think that would be great!


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