Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review + Giveaway: Physicians Formula Super BB Cream + pH Matchmaker Powder

Yesterday, I attended Physicians Formula beauty event at the trendy CWonder store in NYC, the vibe was all about beauty as the “IT” products were showcased in BB Creams, bronzers, lip glosses, eye liners, nail polishes and more. Makeup Artist Joanna Schlip was on hand to break down the products from natural to glamorous on the models.
Fun products that made a lot of chatter is their Sexy Booster Collection, it features a playful blush, lip stain and bronzer that adds true glow and sex appeal.

My personal favorite is the pH Matchmaker Collection because the products adjust to your pH levels giving you a signature color and it comes with a LED light making it accessible for those dark situations.
Check out snippets of the products from Physicians Formula’s event, the scoop on their Super BB Cream + pH Matchmaker Power Powder and Lip Gloss. Plus enjoy a fabulous giveaway as well.

Physicians Formula BB Cream + pH Matchmaker Power Powder
Giveaway is open to all
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Question: Why Do You Heart Physicians Formula
Giveaway ends 2/5/13 MIDNIGHT EST
Winner will be posted on blog and via Twitter

YouTube Video Response = 25 entries
Twitter Tweet tag @glitterbuzzinfo @PFCosmetics and hashtag #giveaway in your tweets (Please include video link, feel free to use Twitter app button below) 5 entries each tweet NO LIMIT

Special thanks to Jennifer G. at blue sky communications for the invite, I had a great time ; )


Tanisha said...

Great review ! , I heart Physicians Formula because not only the products are organic but also easy and not harmful on your skin like most drugstore cosmetic that contain lead.

CosmeticCrazy said...

I love Physician's Formula packaging and also love that they make great bronzers and blush.

Puteri Ratnasari said...

I like Physician's Formula, because this product works fine

Unknown said...

Fantastic review !
I like Physician's Formula, because even someone , like me, who has super sensitive skin can use it !

Rebecca U said...

I love that Physicians Formula lip gloss has the LED light - so awesome!

beano54 said...

Great review
I have not tried this range
I already follow you on twitter @yasminec9
Follow your youtube channel
Email is
Thank you

beano54 said...

I have not tried this range so cannot say why I like it sorry
But have been wanting to try a bb cream


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