Friday, October 19, 2012

Trends: The Basics


Key styles from Alyssa London needed to make your fall and winter season wardrobe in full effect.

Faux Leather

Black Womens Leather Pants


The faux leather trend works well with so many looks, you can rock the style with a casual stylish graphic tee or opt for a star studded sequins top. Overall this trend is a must have for the winter season.

Sheer Top

Black Collection Sheer Blouse


Sheer tops are flirty, feminine and it adds that sultry element. Finding one that offers a great soft color, chic detail or playful vibe is one to buy.


Denim Shirt Dress


Denim styles are all the rave this season and glamming the look up is a must. Make the look your own with stylish ankle booties, a simple pair of leggings or a denim on denim look.

Bold Watches

Rose Gold Watch By Vice Versa


Over-sized watches have been making a scene for awhile and the trend isn’t stopping. We love the rose gold look and it’s a great transitional accessory that will work with many fashion forward trends.

Cropped Jacket

Ladies Tweed Jacket by Tea F


Cropped jackets are great for enhancing a look especially if it makes a great statement. Go for great bold colors, color block details or something that can steal a glance or two.

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