Friday, October 26, 2012

Fashion Trends: 5 Statement Jackets



Mcginn Faux Fur Jacket Mcginn Faux Fur Jacket $280

Why We Love It: It adds that classic concept for a chic style, perfect to wear at a high end event, fashion show or at your next holiday party!

Master Shredder Studded Cream Jacket $89

Why We Love It: It’s a great trendsetter style that can enhance a simple look and can also bring the glam to a dressy style. Perfect to rock for a night out, dinner with the girls or launch event.

274508539758509244_z7UcY9on_c[1] Sequin Soft Crop Jacket $149

 Why We Love It: Anything with dazzle makes your look more fun and less serious, work this trend with styles that you need that pop for. It’s a transitional necessity so you can incorporate the style in any atmosphere.

Helene Berman Collarless Topper Helene Berman Collarless Topper $111.20

Why We Love It: It gives you two looks in one with the bold statement the outer style and your look underneath. Perfect wear for that 9-5, giving a presentation or attending a fashion show. Add a brooch for that extra!

274508539758534720_FrqPOGI4_c[1] Adrianna Papell Ruffle Trim Velvet Jacket $128

Why We Love It: The style is all about the mature piece that brings the true glamour. It’s great nighttime look for the theatre, a dinner gathering or a couples night out.


Hola Bambi said...

Loveee the 2nd!! Xx

Anonymous said...

Love the last two coats..


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