Friday, September 14, 2012

NYFW: Inside Nolcha Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013


S2420007 Nolcha Fashion Week brings emerging designers to the center stage and this year the runway was lit with many great wearable designs created by true talent. This was my second year attending Nolcha Fashion Week which was held at Studio 59 at Chelsea Piers and it was the perfect location for a fabulous day of shows. The 1:30pm show featured designers like Priti By Designs, Adolfo Sanchez, Arrum Lilly, Mariana Valentina and Studio 6th Sense. 10553180-7b6e6pThe two designers that I was excited about were Stephen Goudeau he brought out the theatrically element, thought outside the box and gave me that couture glamorous vibe in his collection.


10551873-a87c3xAnother rising star was designer Mariana Lira her dresses were gorgeous from head to toe and she took the goddess appeal to the top notch with the glitz and dazzle.


Check out my interviews with both designers as they chat about their inspirations and what celebrity they would love to design for. And view snippets of each designers runway debut at Nolcha Fashion Week.


Priti By Design


The collection highlighted power colors in bold reds, signature blacks with a splash of pop statements and had a strong young flirty vibe but it lacked the spring/summer factor.

Arrum Lilly


The collection had a variety of trends in peplum, vibrant shades, animal prints and the lists goes on. It was wonderful to see a collection that was catered to any women’s creative style but it lost it’s main niche.

Adolfo Sanchez


The ruffle details were in full force on Adolfo Sanchez’s runway and so were all the well fitted dresses. Sanchez brought out the elegance and sophistication with a modern twist making us women want every piece that ripped the stage.

Photos Courtesy of Nolcha Fashion Week


Special thank you to Alyson Campbell Roy for all my press needs, you’re the BEST! Many thanks to designers Mariana Lira and Stephen Goudeau for the interviews I enjoyed chatting with you both.

P.S. Stephen I hope you get to work with your celebrity crush ; )

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