Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Outfit Of The Day


Little Black Dress Upgraded


I so love this black dress because it fits very well on the body and the style gives it much to play with.

Dress: Moon Collection This dress has three layers on the bottom, which is great for all seasons. The variety of studs give it that edge,  the fitted bandage adds a bit of definition and the satin sleeves dresses it up for a social event. Clutch: H+M I love this bronze metallic shimmer clutch it’s the perfect size and provides much dazzle to any look.

S1740078Bracelet: Finishing Touches Boutique, I love this bracelet it’s the best recent purchase I rocked more than 3x. The structure of the spikes and the blinged spikes make it so versatile for a dressy style or you casual denim look. Earrings: Annie sez love the tassel on these earrings, their unique and definitely make a statement. Shoes: Nine West you know these are my signature suede platform pumps, yes I rock them often because their so comfortable for long session days. ( no pic but you’ve seen them in most of my OOTD looks)


Hope you found some good ideas to add in your OOTD styles, remember be creativity with your style and own it. You are the only one who can work it!

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