Monday, September 19, 2011

Interviews: Hair Stylist Umberto Savone

Umberto Beverly Hills
AT Target Style Event
Umberto Savone and his Umberto Beverly Hills stylists rocked it out at the Target Style event offering mini hair makeovers to shoppers over the weekend in Staten Island.
 S1670048S1670016Umberto known as a master cutter used his experience, charm and his amazing line of Umberto Beverly Hills products to make every woman who sat down feel fabulous. He shared with me a few tips on maintaining summer hair styles for the fall season and a few products from his Umberto Beverly Hills line to keep the hair looking FABULOUS!
Inside Umberto Target Style Event

Umberto Savone
Umberto was so confident, personable and passionate about his styling techniques.
Umberto Beverly Hills Stylists
Working it out!
The Results
Happy faces were all do to the dedication of giving clients what they wanted and having a product that works!
Inside The Products (online prices)
Umberto Beverly Hills has a great selection of products that are very affordable my personal favorites are the Thickening Spray and Shimmer Shine Spray. Check out the whole collection available now at Target.
Umberto Round Brush $8.99 Umberto Shimmer Shine Spray $8.99 Umberto Banana Brush $8.99 Umberto Dry Clean Dry Shampoo $8.99
S1670001Umberto Oval Brush $10.99 Umberto Moisturizing Gift Set $12.99

Umberto Texturizer Cream $9.99 Umberto Curl Enhancing Lotion $8.99 Umberto Thickening Spray $8.99 Blow Dry Lotion $9.99

S1670033Umberto Regular Hold Hair Spray $8.99 Umberto Super Hold Hair Spray $8.99 Curl Defining Spray $8.99 Umberto Controller Conditioning Spray $8.99
S1670034Umberto Repair Treatment Masque $9.99 Umberto Volumizing Sham $8.99 Umberto Volumizing Conditioner $8.99 Umberto Repair Shampoo $8.99 Collagen Pre-Shampoo Treatment $9.99

Special thanks to Umberto Savone for a fun interview and making me laugh! Thanks to LaForce-Stevens gals Danielle and Stephanie for the invite I had a blast! And it was a pleasure meeting the Umberto Stylists who were there making beautiful beauty magic… amazing work!

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