Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: Dior Rouge Lipstick

Rouge Lipstick
Rouge Blossom

The best time to splurge on a product is when the brand makes you look and feel good, love that effect of this lipstick!

S1480009The packaging is very luxurious which is important when your splurging on a product that’s $30, you want the best of the best because that’s getting your money’s worth.

S1480001I love the smoothness of the lipstick is goes on very easy and it feels very good on the lips. This shade Rouge Blossom is a great color for all seasons it’s a popular choice for all skin tones.
S1480002It gives that pop effect that glamorous to the fullest, definitely a choice to rock for special occasions.
S1480007I am glad they have a wide range of shades of this lipstick because you can find something workable for any personal style that you have.


S1480006Enjoy this complimentary shipping code (GLAM3) on the Dior lipstick when you order from their website, gotta love a good deal as well.

Special thanks to Glamour Magazine for the sample, I love rocking this lipstick!

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destroydj0503 said...

i really love this color on you it looks great sweetie xx


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