Monday, June 20, 2011

Fashion: Savee Couture

Savee Couture
Designer Behind The Label: Tracy Nguyen

If you’re a woman who’s into looking sexy, being bold and a little daring Savee Couture may just be the brand that’s missing from your wardrobe.
Savee Couture collections are showstoppers and are a great look for a glamorous night out. Being a woman is all about having fun, taking risk and looking good
Tracey Nguyen gives us the power to that!

Glam Nightlife Styles

Long Sleeve Open back with Chain Links

Long Sleeve Open back with Chain Links $180

Long Sleeve Open back with Chain Links When rocking your skinny jeans to head to the lounge or the VIP party, make sure your top adds that embellished detail. This look comes in a variety of shades but we heart it in white and black for a signature look. Only much needed accessory to give it a kick are the platform heels!
Mini Wrap Evening Dress in Blue
Royal blue is a wonderful night time color, it’s perfect for meeting a few chica’s for cocktails or that special beau. You can make the look flirty with a long necklace or short encrusted piece. The best colors that make this style pop are gold metallic or glitzy rhinestones.
Mini Dress $209
This style gives a more classic feel that can be trendy with just the right shoes, accessories and makeup. The best feature on the dress is that it gives the body a flattering curve and if we’re checking ourselves multiple times in the mirror, the look is working.
Fuchsia Keyhole Mini Dress $190
This dress is my favorite, it’s the perfect summer style for an outdoors party. You can mix this look up with the color schemes and create many fun styles.
Animal Print Double Wrap Dress $187
If you live in the warm cities like Miami or L.A this trendy look is a definite must have. The blends of turquoise and leopard adds a twist for a sizzling chica’s and a sizzling atmosphere.

Like what you see you can find Savee Couture at online boutiques like Reve Boutique, UNICAmelrose, Shop Ambience, April Boo

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