Friday, May 20, 2011

Fashion: Let's Get Flirty

Let’s Get Flirty
Feminine styles brings out the woman in all of us but there are times when we need to get loose with our own personal styles. Being confident and flirty makes us powerful and at the end of the day we do run the world!

Image 1 of TFNC Antique Style Bead Embellished Top

TFNC Antique Style Bead Embellished Top

Showing a bit of skin with a stylish pair of skinny jeans for a night out look brings on a flirty vibe. Choosing a top that has a unique embellished detail or chic color makes the look more appealing.

Image 1 of TFNC Embellished One Shoulder Dress

TFNC Embellished One Shoulder Dress

Make an LBD sizzle! It’s almost summer and color is all the rave but LBD’s can still be just as hot with the right style. Sheer looks and flowing elements are always flirty,  rock a bit of flowing hair and a bronzed glow and it will be a top ten look!

Image 1 of Miss Sixty Colour Block Mini Dress

Miss Sixty Color Block Mini Dress

Try to own at least one color block dress, it’s fun and you can mix it up with a variety of colorful styles. Make a statement with your makeup look and make it flirty!

Image 1 of Oasis Pearl Bow Hair Band

Oasis Pearl Bow Hair Band

Dramatic hair bands are always flirty and it gives good face. Keep the style simple but with a twist and own it.
Image 1 of ASOS TORNADO Lace Shoe Boot


Trendy boots with a bit of lace is super flirty and a neutral color makes any outfit come to life. Add your power shades with tans and also chic whites for a full effect.

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