Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beauty: Victoria's Secret Limited Editions

Limited Edition Baked Mineral Bronzing Powder $16

Bronzer is amazing for adding a boost of color to the skin, its a perfect blend for a light tan look. Remember to balance the application so the shade blends on all areas exposed.

Limited Edition Luminous Cheek + Face Highlighter $14

To add that glow and sensual look, highlighter’s make areas brighten and enhance a glowing effect. Keep this beauty necessity in your handbag for touch ups, best applied with fingertips.
Limited Edition Love Me Wild Perfect Lipstick $14

Need a good color for a pout we heart this shade called pulse add a bit of gloss as a top coat for a fuller effect. We also are raving over the color heartbeat, it’s fabulous as well.

Need advice on buying the right foundation, which brand gives you more for your buck or choosing the perfect blush for a stand out look. Send us a question at cpd@glitterbuzzstyle.com and your question could be featured in our Questions From Our Readers edition + enter in our beauty giveaway for best question!

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