Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Giveaway




1. Ask a beauty, fashion or advice question

2. What are you looking forward to do for the Spring?



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Contest ends 3/31, winners will be posted 4/1 only on the blog!


destroydj0503 said...

what would you say is a good product for someone with alot of zits like blackheads because my daughter has really bad oil skin and i cant wait for spring i the weather to baseball for me and my kids and i cant wait to wear shorts again thank you for this giveaway much love to ya sweetie

~RuKii~ said...

1. I have pimple marks from like 2 years ago, what do u think should do help them fade away?

2.I can't waitt for spring, because i have prom coming up, then my graduation. so i plan on having parties and enjoying my last year of high school:)

~I'm following you on twitter
my twitter name is RuKiiLand, and i've also tweeted this giveaway.
( i hope i did it right cuz im new to twitter..let me noe:D)

tavanlovessword said...

what shirt styles should you avoid if you have a big chest?
i am really looking forward to the sun and flowers...

ShopAtSpicywedding said...

I would like to know what a good face cleanser is for dry skin.

I can't wait for the nice cool sunny weather of spring!

already following u on twitter.

ShopAtSpicywedding said...

Do you like Hard Candy products? Was it really sold at Sephora before?

Can't wait for spring for the longer days!! thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

are there different kind of face primers for different skin types?

and I'm looking forward to going to the beach for spring

following you on twitter Exceptionalchic

ShopAtSpicywedding said...

What kind of eye primer would u recommend? I'm looking forward to hanging out outside more in the spring!

ShopAtSpicywedding said...

My twitter is @spicywedding. Been following u and tweeting!


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