Friday, May 28, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Beauty

Summer Beauty Essentials

This is a great daily moisturizer that has a strong SPF of 50, it can be worn underneath makeup or solo. Using a daily moisturizer keeps the skin looking healthy and refreshed so I recommend the daily usage. Also when using the Health Defense apply it 30 minutes before sun exposure so the white cream fully locks in your skin and doesn't look ashy because that wouldn't be attractive.

Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes $6.49This feels so refreshing and soft on the face. I use two towelettes to get all my makeup off but I don't wear heavy makeup so it may be more if you go all out for a makeup look. The great thing about this is that it cleanses and hydrates your face as well so you can even use it when you're not rocking makeup. It's resealable and I did leave mine open a few times and it didn't dry out, thank god. These towelettes are great to have in your huge tote bag for a mini refresher, especially at the beach.

These is a great product to have for the summer it helps protect your hair from split ends caused by excessive heat styler's, overly processed hair etc... I like that you can apply this while your hair is wet or dry giving you convenience at any moment. I am using this daily on my ends and I have definitely ditched using the flat iron to 1-2x a month, it's a must ladies!

(Before using Split End Mender)

(After, Split End Mender was applied on ends of my hair I just styled with a wide tooth comb).

Special thanks to Ariel K. at Rpr Marketing Communications for the samples!

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