Friday, March 12, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Swimwear


Free flip flops with swimwear purchase
Get some cute flip flops when you purchase any swimsuit at Edressme until 3/29 also they are offering 25%-30% off of cover ups as well.

Striped Halter Tops by L Space
Deja Vu Bottoms by L Space
Love the purple and white scheme it's so pretty all you need is your over sized diva hat in white for instant glamista status (new word).

Printed Cleopatra Halter Tops by L Space
Jade Colored Foxy Bottoms by L Space
Mix it up with this color scheme its great with gold trinkets make it sparkle with the wildest sandals ever.

Modern Print Bandeau Tops by L Space $75
Diva Bottoms by L Space
Be beach body ready in this little flirt suit. Add on your sexiest bronzer tan and let the suit do the rest.

Shimmer Amalfi Halter Tops by Kathleen Cook
SALE: $58.10
Metallic Amalfi Hipsters by Kathleen Cook
SALE: $72.80
Perfect for the princess who loves to sit at the beach to look good. Bring out your leopard glam shades, your gossip mags and ipod and do what you do.

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