Friday, March 12, 2010

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Weekend Nails
L.A Girls Matte Collection
Color: Matte Black

It's time to go for that all black theme this weekend, L.A Girl's Matte Collection in Matte Black is the chosen one for this weekend's social scene. I think having a black polish gives a glamorous effect if it compliments your outfit well.

The image below is L.A Girls Matte Collection without adding a top coat if you really like that roughness of the matte look these are the results. I also added a spin on mine by adding a sparkle of gold to liven the look up a bit. You can choose any color scheme if you want so get mini creative.

This image is with the top coat, it gives your basic shine if you feel like you need to step up the Matte trend to the next level.

Applying a good 2-3 coats of this black polish is very ideal if you want to get that jet black look. I love this collection because it's a great polish and its also a great budget trinket to have.

The L.A Girls Matte Collection comes in 16 shades for all your daily personalities and cost only $4 so you can buy each shade and be fabulous!

Special thanks to Sarah B. at L.A Girls for the samples!

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