Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Accessorize Your Hair

When it comes to a boring dull hair day your confidence can definitely be off! I know the feeling for sure. And that will also be the day you run into someone that you just don’t want to see.

The perfect solution to really help with those bad hair days are to turn them into glam days. Easy tricks for that is to accessorize your hair with simple tricks that make a statement. With the steady hair trend on the runways of barrettes, pearls, rhinestones, statement sayings and even a simple bobby pin (when styled creatively) can boost your hair confidence!

Ashley Williams SS19 (WWD/Rex/Shutterstock)

You can buy a variety of fun styles or create your own to capture high end hairstyles. Price ranges that I would spend on this wide popular trend $3-$20. But if you’re looking to rock the look for a more glamorous event (birthday, party, wedding etc...) you can definitely splurge!

Zadig and Voltaire

Area FW’19 

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