Wednesday, October 30, 2019

My IVF Journey (Day 4)

Day 4
Today was a bit of a struggle because I had to do my injections on the go and I knew it would be a bit challenging. I had a styling class in NYC 6:30 pm and it takes me about 45 to an hour to get there. So I packed up my injections needles to the amounts I needed, with two ice packs and an insulated bag. I was ready and prepared for the task, I just didn’t know how it was really going to go down.

Once my medication time came which is 8-10 pm I went into the public bathroom to start the process. It just felt dirty inside, people were using the bathroom and I just couldn’t get too comfortable doing the injections. It didn’t feel really clean and there was no privacy. I tried to wait and I felt rushed and I needed more space. So it wasn’t the best location when you need a lot of counter space and a scene that’s comfortable and clean.
I struggled with the Follistim Pen my skin bubbled up like the liquid was at the surface. It hurt very bad for sure. I was worried that something went wrong because it looked pretty gross. Of course the HCG shot went in perfectly!

Once I got home near 11pm the swelling went down and it was just a bit red. I was definitely going to let my nurse know about this in the morning because I want to make sure that things are fine. Overall, I accomplished another day of these injections. It actually hasn’t been that bad, I feel like the worse of it is all in your head!
The journey continues stay tuned for Day 5!

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