Saturday, October 26, 2019

My IVF Journey (Day 1)

So my Day 1 officially started today. Which means it’s the first day of my period and it’s time to call my IVF nurse so she can give me a day to come in for IVF monitoring (blood work) and ultrasound which will be done on the Day 3. This is also the day I call in my medication to be delivered, which in my case is a Saturday and can be challenging.

Normally Monday-Friday is ideal because you have more time for shipping since some pharmacies closed early or are not open on weekends. All of our IVF funds weren’t fully available and my period wasn’t due for another few days so we thought we had more time. Unfortunately my friend came early and it’s time for the treatment to begin! Little did I know that this exciting day would turn into more of a hectic and stressful journey. Stay tuned for Day 2

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