Thursday, June 6, 2019

Beauty Buzz: ManiGlovz


I am not into tanning at all and the summer season isn’t one of my huge faves because the sun can be really annoying. I have noticed that my hands have gotten more darker in the recent years and that’s because of the constant sun exposure. I am all about sun protection on my face but my hands have definitely been neglected. MANIGLOVZ is something new that was gifted to me but it has a lot of cool perks that make me interested in the brand.

It protects your hands from the sun, you can use while getting your manicures, it’s great for driving and it’s dermatologist approved. The cost is very pricey at $24 but boutique brands have to start somewhere and as a business owner I understand the hustle of getting your product out there. I love the fact that the variety of MANIGLOVZ are so pretty and fun. Only con that I have is my hands are a bit small so I have extra room but it’s still comfy.

The brand has also made it easy for customers to contribute to charity with a portion of its sales going to Cancer Foundations which is awesome. Even though this item was gifted, I am feeling it. I am considering adding it to the GlitterBuzzStyle Boutique if clients are interested, let me know your thoughts ladies! Check them out and see if MANIGLOVZ is something that you can get with!

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