Sunday, May 5, 2019

My IUI Journey: Pregnancy Test Countdown

So the countdown to my pregnancy test was a breeze for me. I can truly say I didn't consume myself with thinking about it. I just took each day for what it was. For me its very easy to do because I like to keep my mind busy. I did keep myself updated in my IVF and IUI support groups just to have information on what others felt after their IUI. Sometimes its good to surround yourself with people that are in the groove of the same process.

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 I came across a lot of people saying you can take your pregnancy test 5 days before or that they just couldn't wait to test. I could definitely wait to test. This is a life changing moment and I wanted to make sure I took my test when I was scheduled. I didn't want to have a fake positive along the way from checking too early.

The day before my test I was very anxious because everyone was calling or texting about tomorrow being the big day and I just didn't want to think about it. I already had two days of mild cramping that came and went away, a bit of unusual spotting and I was late on my period. So for me confusion was in full effect and the clock was ticking. We got our pregnancy test from Target, so many brands you will be so overwhelmed by what to get. I stayed with the brand ClearBlue people say its the best I guess it is? It simply has a plus sign if you're pregnant or a negative sign if you have to work on it again. Very simple for under $9 and we were excited we got the test now the real moment begins.

24 hours later...I expect to take my test at 5 am they say the first morning urine is this best... I waited. My emotions were a bit nervous. What if I am...I played it cool until 11:30 am. It was my call just to do it and find out. And so I did secretly and nervous as hell. Please read the directions before you do the test if I didn't I would have messed up completely. (Take the cap off first) Very important! I peed on the stick it turned pink to let me know it was working...3 minutes and you find out if you're a mom. I waited 5 minutes... I think my video camera read the test before I could clearly see what I was reading. NOT PREGNANT!! Was the result. I paused looked at it a few more times thinking is it right?! Yep it was. And so the thought of not really feeling pregnant was already on my mind so I wasn't too disappointed. I just knew everyone else was going to be and that I would be starting this fertility journey all over again. At that moment I just knew all I wanted was a bottle of Korbel sweet rose and I was going to drink it until I felt wonderful.!
Cheers to IUI number 2 in June!

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