Monday, December 10, 2018

Day 2 After Myomectomy Surgery

I felt better the pain wasn’t as bad because the medication was coming around the clock. I just felt tired and comfy. The food was wonderful I was in the maternity ward so it was like the A-list section. Too bad my stomach said something different from my eyes.
Later I would have to get out of bed and walk around because I was going home. Really? I feel better but not that better I thought. This process was challenging it was painful, peeing was painful, sitting was painful. Why couldn’t it be easier. My doctor came to check on me she said surgery went very well, my scar looks great and that she recommended that I go home to get comfy. I listened but I felt like I could have stayed one more night. My balance was not the best and I was hunched. My family came to get me, it was very tough! I was wheeled chaired out which was fabulous. Getting in the car was unpleasant, the car ride was unpleasant, just uncomfortable overall. I actually had to walk in Walmart to get my medication because the hospitals onsite location was closed on the weekend. My Dad helped me in because one of my medications were a serious narcotic Dilaudid (Can cause constipation and avoid alcohol) they needed to see me physically...I don’t know how I walked in and out but I was just glad I was going home.

**I later found out after my two weeks of recovery my insurance didn't want to pay for another night, that's why they rushed me out!! Can you believe! They said it wasn't an emergency procedure!! Please be aware you should at least stay two nights ladies especially if you haven't had a bowel movement. It literally took me 4 days before I had one.

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