Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Veil Cosmetics at The Makeup Show NYC 2018

If you're looking for soothing and hydrating makeup for your skincare needs check out Veil Cosmetics. Creator and Co-Founder Sebastien Tardif shared insight on his cosmetics line and the benefits that it provides versus other beauty brands out there while at The Makeup Show in NYC.

Two  "IT" signature products from Veil Cosmetics is their Sunset Light Primer and Complexion Fix Concealer which are highly recommended. The raves have been that these products are hydrating, weightless and offer amazing coverage. I personally can't wait to try them out for myself so stay tuned for my review.

Get to know more about Veil Cosmetics in the video feature below straight from the creator himself!

Video Feature


Elizabeth O said...

The products sound really great and it seems like a great event too. Veil Cosmetics sound like a really lovely brand to check out.

Sue-Tanya said...

I have never heard of Veil cosmetics before but based on your review it seems like a brand that I would love to try. Thanks for sharing. I would love to check it out.

Natalia A said...

this sounds very promising!! I look forward to your review.


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