Friday, May 18, 2018

SkinForum at The Makeup Show NYC 2018

When it comes to skincare Kbeauty is killing it in the beauty game. The rise of keeping your skin regimen on point has become a major factor to the beautynista's of the world. Skincare has always been an important element in my life thanks to my mom when she first introduced me to facials as a teen.

From that moment I was one that craved skincare over cosmetics because I loved the natural glow that my skin had. While at The Makeup Show I came across the brand SkinForum and was curious to see what made their facials one of the top picks in Kbeauty.

Get the scoop on their facial kits and daily skin masks (I bought a few to pamper myself stay tuned for a video) plus the special treat they have for the men when it comes to their skincare needs.Stay in the know in the video feature below from the brand themselves.

Video Feature

1 comment:

indra k said...

I use facials and skin masks of various brands but have not heard of this brand SkinForum.
Let us know after using how you feel the effectiveness.


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