Friday, May 11, 2018

Glamcor At The Makeup Show NYC 2018

When it comes to the beauty industry perfection in lighting is key for the right look. Whether you're doing a beauty tutorial, own your own business or looking to get the best glam selfie as an influencer. Your lighting must be on point!

Glamcor is leading the way for all your lighting needs as a professional and while you're on the go. They have a wide selection of tools that will get your video production looking fierce, enhance the environment of your business needs as well as set the mood for glamorous photos.

While at The Makeup Show Glamcor showcased Riki Cutie which is the perfect light for your cellphones. It's portable, easy to use and it comes with a stand. Making it a true beauty must have! Check out the beauty scoop in the video feature below.

Video Feature


Dana said...

This is my first time hearing Glamor and it sounds really amazing. I have to look into this.

Natalia A said...

oh wow! I could definitely use one of these mirrors for doing my makeup, that's such an awesome idea.

Elizabeth O said...

This is an awesome idea, you can get the perfect selfie with these light up cases/mirrors! They look so cool.

Esme Sy said...

Wow, I thought they were just lining up for a few ordinary products but it looks like they were prepared to help the entire makeup industry after all! That mirror is so awesome and adorable!

Nailil said...

Wow this mirror is amazing. I would love getting my hands on one. :)



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