Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Chic Styles For Spring

It's time to put away those winter outfits and get your shopping game face on with some chic spring styles. It's always fun to find new looks to enhance your wardrobe that make you feel super confident. I have started clearing out my comfy winter looks that are dark and dull and slowly added some fresh styles to my closet. It's time to brighten it up with pastels, florals and a ton of pearls. Here are my favorite styles that are creating a buzz!

Dinah White One-Shoulder Dress 3
Dinah White $56

Trend: Off The Shoulder
It's so playful and fun! I love this style in dresses especially because it gives it a very glamorous touch. You can always find casual top in this trend to rock with your denim.

Delicate Slide Sandal $79.95
Steve Madden

Trend: Pearls
Pearls are a major theme this season and I love them on pretty shoes. The comfortable the better and the more wear you get out of them. Also look for the pearl trend in jeans or cute sheer tops.

Ruffle Mini Dress $55

Trend: Flowing Styles
Loose style are popular this season it's all about movement. The hip hugging look has simmered down and its all about body. Find this in any garment that has ruffles, tassels or wide elements.
*Fun tip* On dresses it stands out more.


Trend: Embellished Heels
When it's time to make a statement anything shinning gets the attention for sure. This heel is rose gold heaven and can make any outfit look royal. Look for the embellished styles in slip ons, mules or even in flats.
Let It Linger Earrings $55

Trend: Pop Earrings
Look for fun vibrant earrings that give you that spring and summer vibe. Tropical shades in teal, lilac, light pink and turquoise can sizzle when paired with the right shades.

Cairn $55

Trend: Hand Painted Bags
Bring a touch of art to your style, its fun and will definitely get you noticed. Finding one with array of pretty colors can make it perfect for outfit pictures. I love the style with casual sneakers for a true chic look.

Misha Tassel Earrings $125
Kendra Scott

Trend: Tassel Earrings
The love of the tassel trend seems to stay on a high. The more dramatic and bold the better the style. Great accessory that can be dolled during the day and steamy looking at night!

Tropical Haze Set $165
Free People

Trend: Comfy Sets
It's all about matching sets that offer comfort. This style can be lavishing with embellished sneakers or a stacked heel. It's all about showcasing your femininity without over doing it.

Floral Wrap Top $35

Trend: Delicate Floral Tops
The beauty of floral tops are very stunning when it comes to the spring season. Styles that are light weight and soft to touch are even more fabulous. I love the trend for simple days where accessories can play up the style.

Cerano Pastel $60

Trend: Floral Bags
Floral bags are winning this season and it will be a huge trend for summer. You can find styles that offer a cluster of them to a signature stem. It's all about the background of the picture that displays your bouquet.


Esse D said...

I am IN love with the Steve Madden slides. I literally had to pause and send them to my cousin before I could continue with the post!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

My faves here are the hand painted and floral bags. The two you shared are so stunning and perfect for spring.

Lucile Coo said...

I really love those flats. You could wear those with so many different outfits.

Jeff Honeywood said...

I can't wait to see the ladies in their new sputtering looks. It snowed this week, and its still sweater weather around here.

GiGi Eats said...

You sold me on that white dress!

Stephanie said...

Those shoes are adorable! And my sister has been wearing pearls her whole life, she will love to know that they are back in style again!

Christina said...

These are some great Spring trends. I love the ruffled mini dress and all the florals!

Esme Sy said...

A floral top with the pearl pair and the hand-painted bag is my own kind of combo. It's a bit weird in a good way that these selections' vibe are perfect IMO for the middle season between winter and spring.

Elizabeth O said...

These are just lovely picks for springtime. I love all the colours that the warmer months can bring in fashion!

Nikki Hall said...

I love that pearls are still so in because I have so many items with pearls!

Holly said...

This is a great list. I love the items you picked. So stylish and perfect for spring.

Angela Ricardo Bethea said...

These are some great styles for spring. I do really love that delicate slide sandals it looks chic and stylish.

Pooja Kawatra said...

I love pearls and they add so much grace to anything and those jackets are perfect for spring season.

Anonymous said...

SO excited for Spring shopping!! The white dress and the pink ruffle mini are my favorite! Absolutely adorable - Tony Tardiff

Candice said...

Those earrings remind me of paper lanterns and I love them. I'd probably wear them all the time and everywhere haha

David Elliott said...

I think floral tops are always a lovely thing. My daughter should take a look at some of these interesting fashion trends for the spring. I am sure she would love it.

Journa Ramirez said...

That pair of shoes is so nice. I wanna get everything from this list. Beautiful, simple, and sophisticated!

Preeti said...

The shoes and dresses are so so cute! Love these for spring and summer. CUte finds!


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