Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Runway: Adriana Sahar at Style Fashion Week

It was a colorful experience during Designer Adriana Sahar runway show at Style Fashion Week. The music was live with mixes from Beyonce, Aaliyah and Kanye, this definitely set the tone within the venue. Sahar brought back a bit of the 2000's era with color pop hair on the models, over-sized furs and bold prints. It reminded me of a runway filled with a starburst of Betsey Johnson fun! Though not all the styles brought a true wearable factor, their were some key pieces that would really capture a main entrance.

Video Feature


Unknown said...

Wow this looks like a great show!

hitContinue said...

Thanks for posting the clip! Loved the outfits and colors. Fun styles that reminisce of the 90's. But I agree that not all of them are wearable, unless maybe you're in a music video, haha


Emily said...

This looks so cool! I hope that sometime I would be able to go to a NYFW show.

Sarah Camille said...

I love the music! Looks like a great show. Going to NYFW is on my bucket list. :-)
Cheers, Sarah Camille //


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