Monday, May 8, 2017

Lifestyle Buzz: Grounds For Sculptures

I visited the museum Grounds for Sculptures in Hamilton NJ a few weeks ago with my sister. She wanted to go since she loves art so I tagged along not knowing what the museum was all about. Its a great place to visit on a weekend with family which house a lot of unique sculptures on its 42 acre property.

 I loved taken pictures there every spot was pretty and beautiful.  They have a lot of artistic pieces that are captivating and interesting. Most sculptures are rotated out and new ones get added for special events and themes. I love this because it keeps it fresh and also updated to come back for a another visit. Of course some sculptures we couldn't be our finger on, but its art at the end of the day.

Video Footage

Tickets to the museum were $15, they have a restaurants and cafes where you can sit and view the site and all of its atmosphere which is calm and peaceful. We didn't get to experience that vibe since we got a late evening start. Overall great outing for the kids and couples.

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