Friday, April 7, 2017

Lifestyle Buzz: California Day 2

I have finally adjusted to the California vibe but still not on the California time difference yet. I am still getting up extra early and waiting for people to wake or any noise of some sort. It's very still and quiet, thank god for early morning coffee service downstairs. 5:30am sharp!

For video highlights of my day check out video feature below and to get the Buzz on the items from video read the content below.

The vibe for the day was Santa Monica beach which was gloomy during the early morning hours. A lot of surfers in the area and locals. Pretty hotels on the beach a ton of joggers around, very laid back. We were able to find a cute cafe called Urth Caffe which was very different from our NYC deli styles but it was very healthy and tasty again the vibe is very chill and relaxed. Food is excellent, hearty average price range $20 for two people. I enjoyed the great outdoor seating to view all of the pedestrians, dogs and the popularity of Jeeps.

My next adventure was to shop LA Fashion District for my boutique and that was a real experience. Everything is literally open and full of products. Its much different than NYC fashion section where things are more exclusive and hidden in showrooms. It's very overwhelming with so many things that you can definitely get confused. There are so many blocks of merchandise for retail shops and the prices are very affordable. The importers are very helpful and nice and love working out deals. You must get their early and expect to have many bags full of items. I was very happy with seeing the products on hand and meeting the vendors. Very professional and worth the trip if you're a buyer.

We ended the night back at our Hotel for a evening mixer, so far Santa Monica is amazing. Follow me on social media for more updates @glitterbuzzinfo 

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