Thursday, September 8, 2016

Beauty Buzz: JINsoon Dandizette Collection

New season means new nail shades to obsess over like JINsoon's Dandizette Collection. It's the fall season and its time to add some edge and break away from the soft summer shades. The collection features 5 bold styles and I personally love Heroine and Toff their so chic and powerful!

$18 each
Beau (teal blue) Rich and eccentric, a versatile classic-mod blend of teal and blue
Heroine (deep cherry red) Feminine and strong, a deep purplish-red reminiscent of Claret wine
Moxie (muted pink) Subtle and glamorous, a calm and charming dusty rose shade
Toff (cacao brown) Dark and delicious like the shade of cocoa beans, a rich brown that marks a new seasonal trend
Dandy (blue-purple) Melancholy and hip, a moody blue-purple that has the makings of a cult favorite

Shop for the brand at these location ladies!
JINsoon Hand & Foot Spas, SpaceNK, Barneys,,,,,,

The inspiration behind this collection

Originating in the nineteenth century, giving name to the female version of the dandy, a man unduly devoted to style. Dandizettes commonly used their appearances as a form of expression to rebel against the expected, adding a fun twist to traditional women's fashion. This concept inspired Jin Soon Choi to create the fall collection of five distinctive shades.  Each shade is rich yet restrained and abundant in pigmentation, certainly making a statement in true Dandizette fashion.
"In creating the JINsoon Dandizette Collection, I wanted to celebrate women's adaptation of this androgynous fashion style by communicating their power through bold and beautiful colors."

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