Thursday, March 3, 2016

Beauty Buzz: Spring Finds

This is an exciting collection that just launched featuring Kylie Jenner and the SinfulColors brand. Packed with 20 shades of rawness, feminine, edgy and simplicity all for a budget of $2.99. This is going to be a popular product because it's fun and every women loves rocking a cute manicure. Check back next week on the blog for a nail tutorial featuring this collection and also a great giveaway!

Skincare to me is the most important element before any beauty application and I am so excited about this new product from L'Oreal Wrinkle Expert only exclusive at Walmart. It helps you maintain your skincare regimen in the category of age. I think moisturizing is the key secret for keeping the skin healthy and the L'Oreal brand recognizes it. The product is extremely affordable just under $10 and reviews are already on high 4.5+. The only con that I see that's missing is the SPF.

 Jergens is a major power player in my beauty routine I have been a true customer for years and praise this new product. This Hydrating Coconut Moisturizer is so ideal on the body and skin. I use it daily, my skin feels and smells so good. This is a must have I even hosted a giveaway on this because it's all that. The sizes varies with price points under $4 but its so worth spending on the larger size!
My new favorite "IT"  thing is Confidence In A Cream so I am into my 2 weeks regimen with this product and wow! I have capture photos of my daily usage because I want you ladies to see the changes in the skin. This stuff feels luxury and it's working with keeping my skin looking healthy. I don't have any real skincare issues because I really work on making sure I take care of my face. I started using this product after I discontinued using my Aveeno (which I will make a video on). This is going to costs you with its high beauty price of $48. I know it's a lot but it really does work. Check back to see my full results one more week to go!
It's time to own the runway just like the models did when they were rocking MAC's new it lipstick. It was all about Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour doing New York Fashion Week! Boldness of colors just time for the change of the weather. Favorite colors that seem to be a trendsetters dream are Fashion Legacy, Tailored To Tease and Lady Be Good. The reviews on this one are pretty mixed, I can honestly just stick to any shade of their signature lipstick and be just as glamorous!

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