Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Valentine's Day: Walmart

It seems as though the turn around for Valentine's Day came just as New Year's Eve left us. Within seconds the retail business got back to "business" with the force of the next big holiday event. Even though I am a new business owner I understand the concept of sales and keeping up with the retail turn around BUT! I also know how annoying it can be as well with being rushed into a sale when you're not ready for it.  So I decided to do a fun experiment to see what Valentine's Day displays really brought out a strong interest in getting our sells. First one on my list of course the store that I  am in at least once a week. Walmart.
Walmart's display of Valentine's Day is something you can't miss.
 It's right in the front aisle with high signage that you can't miss. They have a lot of little trinkets that you would expect at a crafts store but are more affordable.
I loved these cute boxes for small gifts it really captures a pretty look.
 For those that like to decorate for Valentine's Day, they have a small section for that but it wasn't anything special that caught my attention.
 The most items that really took over were their stuffed animals. There were so many of them I felt so invaded with teddy bears. They even had them displayed in aisles on the side and they were as big as humans.  I decided to just take a picture of the normal sized ones, that I hope people instead buy.

I love did LOVE their decorating bags I thought they were cute and stylish and I wanted to buy them because of that.
 The last thing that I noticed were these flask, which are great if you're single or you know someone that is. These are the perfect gifts to make the mood much better! You can always gift them to your friends and enjoy it together on V-day.
I loved Walmart's Valentine's Day display it seemed like they catered to everyone, the price points were very reasonable $1-$40 and they had at least 5 rows of display.
So happy shopping and stay tuned for the next store Target!

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