Saturday, October 31, 2015

Giveaway: Inside My Closet

This is my favorite giveaway when I actually give items from my closet directly to my readers. The Inside My Closet Giveaway official is back for the fall season and I am so excited to get back into the mix. If you're a newbie the breakdown of the giveaway is to pick items you want (no limit) in your comments and winners will be selected once giveaway ends. The options range from beauty and fashion items some new or worn. With a wide selection of brands that I heart or that I didn't see fit working for my needs.
So sit back and watch the video feature below on brands like Calvin Klein, Forever 21, Olay, Bebe and more.

Rules: Rules OPEN TO ALL
Pick as many items as you want, winners will post on the blog.
Ends 11/18/15
Follow any 1 of my social media platforms
Share giveaway tag me with share to qualify
Provide a beauty, fashion or women's issues topic (limit 2)
You can also e-mail them if you prefer


Unknown said...

Hey! I love your "Inside My Closet" Giveaways! I want to enter for that beautiful Tangerine Skirt! Your hair is looking GREAT by the way😊 Please enter me.

Bridget said...

I would like to win the Olay body wash, the glosstone lipgloss, or the vinylux nailpolish. My beauty question is what is your fall beauty must have product?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the chance!! I love you lips!!

Hazeldog333 said...

Wow such a cool giveaway! I would love to win the anti wrinkle cream, nail polish, body wash, and lip gloss! I wish I was your size though and could enter for the clothes, haha! The question I have is do you think you can only wear certain lipstick colors during certain seasons, like dark in fall/winter, and only lighter colors in spring/summer?

Anonymous said...

thank you for the nice giveaway! my sharing and i follow you at twitter @smpyrrr ,fb Simona Dotsika and instagram:simonadotsika

Coline T. said...

thanks for this lovely giveaway! :-D My beauty question is: what brand do you think has the best packaging? :-)

TW: @colinetouil

Samantha Scarlett said...

FB: Samantha Scarlett

My question: What's your favourite brand? Do yo like this colour combination: blue and black?

thanks :*

Cristina said...

FB: Cristina Popescu
Shared on FB:
Twitter: @crisstinap
Shated on Twitter:
Instagram: @crisstinap

Anonymous said...

my question is what do you like to do mostly in your life?

Natasha K said...

I'd love the the Olay body wash, the glosstone lipgloss, the vinylux nailpolish, the clack & white blouse and the long dress, the fab turquise dress and the shoes!!!

fb Georgia Karantani
shared on twitter
twitter sissy899
IG sissy899
My question: What's your favourite brand?


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