Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Giveaway: Swag Bag

This is the last Swag Giveaway until next summer. Thanks for making this giveaway a huge hit. This last giveaway features great goodies from skincare, beauty and of course fashion. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Give 2 beauty, fashion or women's issues questions
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Beauty + Fashion Questions
1. How do you prep your face for make up? What products and in what order?
I use a lot of Cocoa Butter products, it's been a go to product for years.   Palmer's Facial Cleanser and Scrub, Moisturizer is Estee Lauder Day Wear SPF25, night cream is Aveeno Nourishing Night Cream.
2. What type of product should a dry and/or oily skinned person use.
You have to test out many brands to see how your face reacts to ingredients. Keep notes on what brands don't work well with your skin and write down the top 5 first ingredients they use. And stay away from it.
3. Can you give some tips on how to get the best winged eye?
I can't I suck at it too. Keep practicing there are so many cheat tricks like tape or even easy applications like a gel or cream.
4.How to choose the right foundation?
You have to test out many shades. It's best to go to a department store and get your exact shade and match it with a budget brand.
5.What fashion trend of 2015 have you hated & loved?
I am not into high waist pants or wide legs, studded heels are beyond glamorous.
6.What is your favorite fall lippie?
Anything red or burgundy. Best time to rock these shades for fall.
7.How did you get into blogging?
While freelancing at a fashion job. It was a great job I landed during my senior year in college and the company went under 2 years after. I started blogging during that period 2006.
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gaby said...

What Concealer would you recommend for under eye bags.
What color of Nail polish would look great with every outfit.

Anonymous said...

make up question : what product to you use for a clear face , every time around period time i get 2 to 3 huge zits , i feel them comming in like 2 days before and never know if i can to anything to prevent it ^^
fashion question , fashion tips for bigger girl who wear colors , i usually awlays wear dark colors but recently been trying pinks and greens ... any tips on how to rock a brigt color and making look cute tnx ^^
idk if this is how i enter the giveaway but i hope i did it right , i just followed u on ig (fairylola ) and i just comment here ?? i really realy hope i get to win this giveaway omg it llooks so amzing i can't , i really hope i can get it as like a presnt for my birthday(i m turning 20 this october ) oh god please please pleaaaaase , also i live in morocco so i really hope i can enter cause i want to win this so bad , i know it international but they usually only mean us and europ by that :p i realy exited for this and wana win it so bad ,
thank you this is such an awesome things , please plz do consider me <3

Andrea Darst said...

Following on IG/Twitter - @adarst213, FB - Andrea Darst, Tweeted:
1. Why is any size over an 8/10 considered "curvy" when the average size of a woman is a size 14?
2. I love that more makeup free and untouched pics are so popular!


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