Monday, July 20, 2015

Fashion Buzz: Summer Dress Head Turners

As a woman you need dresses that will make them look a few times. The summertime is a great way to really find styles that work well with your body type while also being a bit daring. Below are a few styles that can make them look.

Lace Dress , $59.99
Why We Love It
It's a great flirty dress for a dinner party, it's classic and can be worn for many seasons.
Why We Love It
The lace detailing is gorgeous, love it with neon heels and its a must have vacation dress.

Lace Mini Dress , $45.99
Why We Love It
This dress sizzles, its beyond for a summer night out look, play it up with taupe jewels.

Why We Love It
Its so dramatic but yet so fierce, wonderful for a birthday girl or huge celebration party.
Why We Love It
It's very eye catching for double date night dinners or date night with your guy, perfect look at me twice style.
Peplum Dress , $29.99
Why We Love It
It's both simple mix with edge, a very confident style and great look for weekday launch parties.
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