Thursday, June 11, 2015

Style Buzz: Outdoor Party Ideas

 With the summer fast approaching everyone wants to be outdoors with friends and family. It's the perfect time for outdoor parties with great food and your favorite cocktails. The best part about having a party is the decorating, it needs to have the right elements to kick off that celebration. Below are some ideas that can enhance your outdoor gathering!
Add a touch of pop on the table or in a variety of sections around your backyard. This is ideal since color always attracts the eyes and makes for a happy environment.  If your party starts during the evening the candles can be lit to add more of a sultry ambiance and intimate mood.

I love the idea of place holders and these are so fabulous if you're having a brunch or a few friends over for dinner and wine. It adds a personal touch to it while giving you control of who you want to sit next too.

Ribbons have become the "IT" trend for the last few seasons and I love it incorporated for a day party. These are great additions as decorations alongside the table, dressing up the chairs or to use as an anchor for your guests entrance.
When it comes to a party the liquid has to be flowing so put your beverages in statement glass servers. Add extra pop to it with a few delicious fruits like strawberries or raspberries. Give the water a refreshing look by adding some limes and lemons. And do have a separate section for top shelves bottles decorated around flowers and likable snacks.

Mason jars are my favorites for all seasons but if you want to be a little unique hobnail jars are just as good. Get ones that offer some color to really make them stand alone. Adding some matching flowers and ribbons can make them extra glam.  Lastly, create a deeper effect by mixing the hobnail jars in different sizes.

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