Saturday, May 2, 2015

Beauty: Spring Beauty Tips

1) Need to add some shine to your hair?
Add a cup of club soda after washing, let it run through the ends. The tingle of the bubbles remove product build up allowing for hair strands to loose its dull appearance.
2) Need to soften up your face or hide puffy eyes?
 Add slices of cucumber all around your face for a mini facial session. Enjoy the 10-15 minutes of relaxation session and the results of soften and depuff skin!
3) Long lasting nails anyone?
Simply add a second base coat to the mix, this trick allows for polish to go on smooth and also gives you more days to rock your favorite shade.
4) Traveling soon?
 Don't skip your SPF before you board your plane, the sun rays are stronger when you're closer to the sun. So add an high sunscreen protection of 30+.
5) Eye shadow vs. Lipstick.
 Trying to figure out what shadow to wear with the right lipstick shade? Center your lipstick shade around your eye shadow of choice.
6) Best nail brush options for your nails depends on your nail shape.
 Small brushes (give you more control) Wide brushes (faster applications and even manicure), Flat brushes (wide enough to coat all the edges of the nails)
What's your spring beauty tip, share them with other ladies.
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CosmeticCrazy said...

I love the Club Soda tip - first time I've ever heard of that.


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