Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Beauty Buzz: Nars Eye Lashes

If you're an eye lash lover get excited for May 1st because Nars will debut their own signature lashes for the beauty market.
The collection will feature 8 eye lashes to fit your personal needs at $20 online at their boutiques. Below are two images of lashes that range from simple everyday to most dramatic style.
This look Numero 1 is the every day lash designed by Francois Nars, it suppose to work well for every eye shape. Personally I am not a lash girl so I will just stick to full impact mascara.

The second lash gives more of an dramatic effect for those ladies who love deep volume. Numero 7 gives more of an intense length and curl which is great for a glamour face.

Will you be buying these or sticking to your budget lash brand?
Online Boutique

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