Monday, April 14, 2014

Fashion Trends: Play It Up Dresses

Sometimes you have to bring your own star quality to light the room. The best way to shine is in a dress that plays the part fairly well. It can be the color, the fit on your body or that signature trend that keeps them buzzing. No matter what your flavor is, please play it up!
Why We Love It: Attractive for the evening hours, a cut-out metallic shoe brings the dazzle to it and a signature high bun = a flawless face.
Why We Love It: Feminine for the daylight hours, a floral heel makes the look ravishing and a simple deep side pony makes it chic.

Why We Love It: Its elegant and raw at the same time for a night of cocktails and late night dancing, rock a fierce shoe in cobalt and ultimate dramatic wavy hair.

Why We Love It: It's the right factor for date night with sexy black strappy sandals, mix up that vibe with a golden goddess bronze on the expose area.

Why We Love It: The perfect style for a celebration look, silver cuff bracelets and embellished heels bring it out more with a classic touch.


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