Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trends: Bracelets That Pop

This season the arm candy is all about color especially during the daytime. It adds a vibrant touch to your style and your personality. Popular trends include canary yellows, teals and mint. Below are a versatile of styles that can help you when shopping.
Macramé Friendship Bracelet $28
Friendship bracelets are not just for the young it's a great fashion staple with keeping the look chic. Add this color pop into solid outfits to give it more appeal.
Nessarose Wire Stone Cuff Turquoise/Silver
by EFM Group $16.99
 This simple style is classic for white/silver outfits, it's workable for a pantsuit and even classier dress codes.

Azulejo Tile Cuff Yellow
by Mika Accessories $12.99
This cuff is wonderful with the right statement dress, play up the lavender shade in eye shadows or liners. Make it pop with a pleated yellow dress or a white bandage dress.

These simple rose bracelets are so accessible for a weekend look, love the style with a floral top and relaxed boyfriend jeans.
Beaded Stretch Bracelet $22
 This style is great when paired with the overall trend or just a chilled out fedora and fresh white blouse. The orange and mint play in the bracelets make it modern for pointy flats shoes as well.

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Just Another Shopaholic said...

Loving the Stella Rosette Bracelets, so pretty!!


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