Saturday, March 8, 2014

To The Readers

Happy Weekend!
Just wanted to thank you all for supporting the blog and my online boutique, last month my readership was at the highest level it has ever been. So thank you for checking the blog and sharing it with friends.  I will be away until Wednesday so the blog won't be updated until that time that's why there are a few extra posts this week.

My fashion trends collection will start to debut every two weeks instead of once a month and I am currently working on debuting two mascaras that will hit the online shop this summer. So the empire is growing, thank god for listening to my prayers.

I will be updating my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed with sneak peeks of items launching and random pics so please follow and share the love back!

Have a great weekend you fabulous ladies!

PS Remember all my readers get 10-15 % off at my online boutique, simply e-mail me the items you want for a VIP invoice.
10% For following (send your username in e-mail)
15% for sharing the brands info (e-mail your share)

1 comment:

nena said...

Congrats on the blog! I am so glad more ladies are discovering your blog, there is always great info here. Hope your weekend was good.


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