Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fashion Trends: Neutrals To Love

Neutrals were popular at New York Fashion Week and also at The Academy Awards, now it's time to invest in some styles to keep you in the fashion game. Below are a few pieces to get you started on your shopping hunt.
Why We Love It:
It's a gorgeous day dress that can be worn by any woman, add a statement necklace and pointy heels and you're fabulous!
Why We Love It:
It's simple but fresh and elegant at the same time, would look amazing with a white/beige sweater and high pumps.
Why We Love It:
The draping gives it character for pearl accessories and bold earrings, keep the bottoms simple for instant attraction.
Why We Love It:
It adds a touch of pop that's not too intense, great shoe for spring and for the office.
Why We Love It:
It looks sophisticated and mature that you want to be dressed up, add a soft scarf and a white manicure, this will make it spark.
Why We Love It:
It's a great escape from a signature black shade, it brings variety to any style you wear and it's transitional.
Why We Love It:
It's tasteful for day into night, parent friendly dress and also a good first date style.

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