Monday, March 17, 2014

Fashion Trends: Fringe It Baby

It's spring break season and to make it more playful add a touch of fringe to your favorite style. Whether it's on the hunt looking for a new swimsuit (mint, white and pinks are my faves), playing up a signature accessory or being daring with the crop top trend. Fringe can be embraced in your spring additions, below are a few check me out styles.
Why We Love It: It's a great look for that summer vacay you have booked with your beau, add a chic beige fedora, embellished sandals and you'll be the finest at the beach or poolside.
Free People
Why We Love It: Pretty for a day party and innocently glam just add a wide side braid and a bold white manicure. (Essie shade blanc)
Why We Love It: This style works a good boho theme, make a statement with beaded jewels and a flawless bronzer.
Coco Rave Fringe Underwire Maillot $86
Why We Love It: A one-piece suit is so glamorous especially when its pink with fringe. Make it chic with polka in the mix and over-sized jet-setter shades.
Why We Love It: It allows you to be a trendsetter at any given moment, great for mother's looking to add glam to their style on the go, and rocking for the youngster's just add that metallic.
Why We Love It: Yes this is available at my online boutique ; ) It's sexy for a fun night out with your girlfriends, add your favorite black stilettos or you can rock a tank underneath. Plus it can add some style to your workout look at the gym.
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1 comment:

nena said...

Oh yeah, I love fringe. I have a few pieces in my closet that have the fringe effect, but not too many. My favorite is probably a pair of dark brown stiletto boots that I found at Marshalls for $30. I love those boots so much. I love the way the fringe moves back and forth when I walk. It is so fun.


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