Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fashion Trends: Floral Prints

It's March, time to break out your floral prints or start shopping for a few feminine pieces for the spring. My favorite trends in a floral print are dresses/skirt, shoes and a pretty bag. Check out a few finds below to help you get started on your shopping adventure.
KEEPSAKEModern Art Mini Dress $198
If you have beautiful long legs this dress will knock them out, add it with a gorgeous platform peep-toe and a simple statement necklace.
Pim + Larkin
Abbey Pleated Mini Skirt $59
Make this look soft and edgy with a pair of ankle booties, a soft color cardigan short sleeve and a light pale lipstick.
Gelana 2 - Med Pink FabIvanka Trump $129.99
This style is wonderful to wear to a wedding, pair it with pretty dresses in shade lavender, mint and orchid.
Lillie 2 - Pink Multi FabricIsaac Mizrahi $129.99
Add some boldness to your office job with this style,  get a few trendy colorful blazers and a tote bag to make it stand out.
Canvas Backpack $54
Pack this for a sleep over or a weekend getaway, rock a simple all white look and a pair of nude flats.

Cubist Floral Icon Tote $60
This style flaunts in a fitted trench coat add some retro earrings and put your hair in a wide side part.

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