Saturday, February 8, 2014

Shoes: 5 Spring Beauty Styles

This spring season is all about bringing out your womanly attire and working your feminine traits. Shoes are a powerhouse staple that can make any outfit look more glamorous. Below are a few styles to look for when updating your spring collection.

Kamen - Blue PU
Michael Antonio $59.99
This heel is amazing for long dresses like a maxi, it gives wonderful height and the color is always a winner.

Poison - Nude Rosegold
Taylor Says $159.99

A nude shoe is always a color to have in your closet for a easy switch up, this color scheme mixes a bit of metallic which makes it rock for evening fun.

Aida - Teal Floral
Privileged $64.99

A floral pattern is beyond glam for adding extra boom to a bold shade, playing with color patterns and bringing out a fierce makeup look.

Jace - Black Snake PU
Michael Antonio $54.99

If you like to play it safe with a black shoe that's simple and comfy ditch the wedge and go for a chunky heel. This style is versatile with skirts, one-piece jumpsuits and jeans.

Gillian - Red
JustFab $54.99

A red heel is a strong factor for giving your style a boost, make it take the lead with signature shades like white, silver/gray or blue.

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