Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hair: 5 Basic Shampoo Tips

1. Mix It Up
If you use the same product on your hair for a long period of time this allow tons of build up in your hair. The best thing is to mix other quality products that help make your hair strong and healthy looking. It's good to replace your shampoo at least every 4-6 months.

2. Apply Water
Get your hair fully wet before shampooing to get a good lather. Less water means stripping hair and we all know we LOVE our hair.

3. Direction
When you apply your shampoo do it in different spots to avoid a dry scalp. Switch the direction of application to the top or start at the back.

4. Less Friction
Scratching your scalp is a major no, no, no. Instead try massaging it with your fingertips or with your palms.

5. No Heat
Using hot water (which I love) on your hair isn't good at all. Even though I enjoy the warmth it does dry out your scalp and hair. It's best to keep it at a low cool setting to avoid harsh heat.

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nena said...

I had heard of all of these tips except number 3. Wow, I never would have thought about this. I always, always apply my shampoo to the exact same spot, right up front at the top of my hairline. And I have been noticing that my scalp has been very dry and flaky right there. I wonder if this is the cause. I'm going to start mixing it up now. Thanks!


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