Saturday, January 18, 2014

To The Readers

Happy Weekend
This weekend I am celebrating my birthday early with a party as usual. I will be taking some video footage of the night so expect to see the fun next week. Below is also a video featuring me on the Today Show that involves a chocolate segment for Valentine's Day. I was busy shopping for accessories for my dress and they happened to be in the mall, thank god I look decent.

Here are a few upcoming features coming to the blog.
FASHION: 5 Trendiest Blazers, $25 To Spend, Buy This
BEAUTY: Favorite Mascaras, Nail Shades To Rock Now
GIVEAWAYS: Valentines Swag Bag, Rimmel

Plus follow my Facebook Page there's always some exclusive surprises on there ; )

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CosmeticCrazy said...

Lol "I didddddd?!"

Enjoy your Birthday party and Best Wishes :D

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to you! :)

nena said...

OMG!! I saw this segment but I was in and out of my living room and I never saw you. I loved your reaction, "I diiiiidddd?????" You had a great appearance on there, good for you!


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