Monday, January 27, 2014

Inside Grimm Women

If you're looking to see a play within the next few weeks you must attend NYC Winterfest 2014 featuring Grimm Women. The play will open at the Manhattan Repertory on February 6th-9th. Director Brandon Monkian connects fairytales stories along with deglamorizing life and connecting them in modern day. In a whole Grimm Women is a modern, gritty riff on the Brother's Grimm fairy tales that examines these classic tales, their characters and explores what happens after "happily ever after." These fairy tales gone wild feature a Little Red with some issues, a Rapunzel with the longest weave in the land, and a boy kissing frogs trying to find a prince.
The cast members includes Briella Calafiore from reality show Jerseylicious/Glam Fairy, Daria Feneis, Gillian Holmes, Gina Chedid and Andrew Pace
 I attended Grimm Women's rehearsal and talked with the actors about the character's they play and also captured video snippets of them performing their monologues. Check out the video for all the buzz.

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julianne Chlodnicki said...

I saw this last was awesome!!!


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