Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trends: Holiday Gifts For Moms


Below are a few Christmas gift ideas for moms that focus on luxury and also sentimental value as well.
Handbags are always a great holiday gift for any woman, finding a signature style like a tote bag is always a good approach. The style of this is great for the office and also a weekend out look as well.
Valentino Valentina Set $103.50
Fragrances are the most gifted items on special occasions and every woman wants to smell her best at all times. This perfume is for a mature woman who loves something light, feminine and timeless.
This gift is perfect for new moms giving them a stylish look while on the go with their newborn/s. It has a bracelet trend making it easy to add in with a simple look or a day of running errands.
A robe as a gift can go a long way especially for the cold season or if you're just lounging around the house. Finding one that will give amazing wear and be used regularly is also a plus. These are a major splurge but perfect for those with parents that are much older.

I thought this was the cutest gift idea to give if your mom is a huge coffee or tea drinker. Maybe add some cute cups with it as a little heart filled gift set.
If you're are one of my young readers that are on a tight budget you can always look for personalized items for your parents for the holidays. It can be a coffee mug with their name, a picture frame/s with a picture/s of your family or even this simple key chain with the word mom. You don't have to buy the most expensive item mom will love you regardless.

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