Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Women's Issues: Top 5 Places to Meet A Guy

If you're single this holiday season and looking to meet someone new for the upcoming year here are a few places that may help you find your prince charming.

The Bookstore
If you love reading books, enjoy browsing a fashion magazine or if you're simply looking to enjoy your favorite latte. Your perfect match might be a book away from you at the bookstore. Great key sections to scope out are cars, travel and computers/tech.

The Grocery Store
The basic place where you need to get food is also a wonderful way to meet a guy. Best days are the weekends either late morning to early afternoon or if you happened to shop on a weekday do it around 12pm-2pm. Those are ideal lunch break times for most and also a overload of working guys.  

The Gym
If you need to get your shape back to looking tight hit the gym. It's a good location to meet a ton of guys so your options will be wide open. Bring a friend for support and go during after work times like 6-8pm.

The Car Wash
Guys love to get their car wash and it's also a easy way to strike up a conversation while waiting for your car. You get to also see what car he's driving hopefully it's his and not a rental.

Home Depot/Loews
This is the most accurate place to find a variety of men. Whether you need a new light bulb, looking to change your bedroom into a fresh color or just checking off your wish list. These stores are like a toy store for most men.

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